Welcome to the official site of Ross Hoek Motorsports!  RHM has established itself as one of the premier teams in TORC through over 13 years of short course off road racing.  In 2007 Ross made the step to Pro-2wd and reached the pinnacle of success in the sport by claiming the 2008 Pro-2wd World Championship!   In 2013 Ross made the leap to the TORC Pro-4 class!

TORC (The Off Road Championship) is the fastest, most punishing racing on the planet. TORC events are a weekend long lifestyle where fans imerse themselves in their favorite pastime from morning to night.  The races are packed with fender banging action from start to finish and the TORC open pits ensure the success of sponsor activation programs.  TORC events attract tens of thousands of fans and are filmed in HD for excellent TV exposure!